Welcome to ION Engraving!
ION Engraving specialises in professionally typeset scores and parts for musical instruments and ensembles.
In addition to arranging services, text creation, proofreading and editing, musical and artistic analysis, reviews and discursive texts.

I have a bachelor's in music (BMus International) and a first class honours master's degree (MA) in musical composition from Maynooth University, Ireland.
I am currently studying for a master's degree in philosophical aesthetics at Uppsala University, Sweden.

Please note there is a 20% student discount on all prices.
This is subject to the production of a photograph of a valid student ID card (University, ISIC etc.).

Typesetting Rates
The following prices are in Euro (EUR €) and are per page.

From handwritten, PDF or notation software.

Choral - €25
Piano / Keyboard - €20
Solo Instrument - €15
Symphony, chamber orchestra or opera (full score) - €40
Small chamber ensembles (full score) - €30
Part pages (extracted and formatted) - €15

Arrangement rates, per minute of music*

Single line - €25
Two staff single lines - €40
Single line, high density or Vocal Melody with Lyric and Chord Symbols - €45
Piano Score, average density - €65
Piano plus one other instrument - €70
String Trio - €65
Piano/Vocal arrangement (publication-style) or String Quartet - €80
Vocal/4 rhythm/3 other instruments - €90
A Capella Vocal - €90
A Capella Vocal with Track - €105
Piano Score, high density - €120
Big Band, Marching Band - €135
Concert Band - €140
Symphony Orchestra - €165
Symphony Orchestra with Organ and Choir - €185

* Prices shown above are a minimum price guideline only and are to be discussed in detail with the customer.

Subjects include:
Music theory and analysis
Philosophical aesthetics and discursive text
Concert and album reviews
Program notes
Album booklets, text and illustration/design (separate quote)

Text Rates

Price per word: €0.1
Price per hour: €25

Proofreading and suggestion of corrections including English language support.
€18 per page.

Payment information shared in preliminary invoice on acceptance of a quote.

Payment methods include
PayPal (In EUR and SEK)
Revolut (In EUR).
Swish (In SEK. Sweden Only, based on EUR price list and converted to SEK).
Bitcoin (based on a conversion from EUR prices and converted to BTC based on's rates at the time of quote.

The turnaround time depends on how many pages and the size of the job.

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